Want to know more about osteopathic medicine, topics in health, and healthcare issues?

American Osteopathic Association

          • Largest osteopathic physician and patient advocacy organization in the US.  Search for physicians of all osteopathic specialties.  Patient resources and information.

American Academy of Osteopathy

          • Academic organization for practitioners of osteopathic manipulation.  Search for practitioners who perform osteopathic manipulation throughout the country and world.  Offers continuing medical education courses for physicians and dentists.

The Osteopathic Cranial Academy

          • Academic organization for osteopathic practitioners who perform cranial osteopathic manipulation.  Search for physicians throughout the country and world.  Offers cranial osteopathy continuing medical education courses.


          • Large portal for all aspects of healthcare news, diseases, insurance issues, clinical trials, and more.

          • Patient-friendly government website detailing the current state of healthcare reform and health insurance exchanges.

          • Source of comprehensive information on mental health, healthy living, and family issues.  Emphasis on real world advice to “help guide” you towards a better life.  Well researched, very thorough, highly recommended.